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In 2018, the poor and homeless need you! Dear Faithful Partner, I remember Grover Perry as a friendly sort of individual, who while growing up, would attend special education classes. After Grover ended up homeless, he viewed the New Life […]

In 2018, the poor and homeless need you!

Dear Faithful Partner,

I remember Grover Perry as a friendly sort of individual, who while growing up, would attend special education classes. After Grover ended up homeless, he viewed the New Life Evangelistic Center’s staff as part of his extended family.

When I learned just days before Christmas that Grover had been found dead in a port-a-potty in downtown St. Louis, I was devastated. Apparently, after the closing of 1411 Locust, Grover started drinking and began living in the port-a-potty.

Even though much progress has been made toward the reopening of 1411 Locust building, Grover’s death is a constant reminder we must do even more.

The sprinkler system has already been installed in the worship studio. The plumbing and the electrical systems have been completed, and the unused outside fire escape has been removed at the city’s request. Fire resistant walls and fire retardant doors are now being installed.

Our legal team is continuing to move forward. We are requesting your prayers for the upcoming hearing before the Missouri Court of Appeals in February. This hearing has to do with whether or not NLEC has to get permission from its neighbor’s to fulfill its Biblical obligation to shelter the homeless.

While significant progress is being made to reopen the 1411 Locust building as a day center, teams of NLEC staff members continue to help the homeless who are living outside.

This work, under the direction of Pastors Ray Redlich and Mark Glenn involve not only getting emergency supplies to the homeless but helping them to get off the streets and into apartments of their own.

How I thank God for such caring partners like you, who make it possible for me to report that because of your gifts we have been able to help a growing number of hurting and homeless people.

Eddisha and her son

Because you have shared in the past with New Life Evangelistic Center, Eddisha and her son are no longer in the dark.

She said, “We slept bundled up to stay warm.  I am searching for a job, but my car broke down.  I thank God for the help I have received from New Life Evangelistic Center.”    

Your partnership with New Life Evangelistic Center is helping thousands of hurting and homeless people all over Mid America.

Becky, who is just one more example of how your generosity is making such a big difference for good.  Becky, who was living on the streets was able to return home this Christmas to her family in Des Moines, Iowa for the first time in three years.becky

There are so many more who remain to be helped.  For this reason, I am asking you to please join me as we celebrate 46 years of service at a special reception being held at the Royal Orleans Banquet Center, Saturday, January 20th.  You are invited to come anytime between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm for a great time of inspiration and information about all the great things God is doing through your gifts to New Life Evangelistic Center and the challenges that remain before us.

At this reception, over 20 different departments at NLEC will be featured. They will include everything from missions to renewable energy, radio, television, training programs for the homeless, social media and IT department, pastoral ministry, and much more!

woman in wheelchair

For registration and further information regarding this awesome event, please call 314-421-3020. You can also register online at here.

It is the gifts of caring people like you who have made it possible for NLEC to be there for 46 years when people are hurting.

Your prayers and gifts to the work of New Life Evangelistic Center are extremely important at this time. As we move into the New Year of 2018, so many like Frederick, Candice, and David are counting on you and your support at this time to NLEC.

Your gift of $46 ($1 for each year NLEC has been serving the community), $92 ($2 for each year), $230 ($5 for each year), or a gracious donation of $460 or more would be such a great answer to prayer at this time of great need.

donate buttonThank you for faithful support!

Together in His Service,

Larry Rice

P.S. As I write this I have just gotten word that in spite of the fact our NLEC Teams are on the streets night and day reaching out to the homeless a man has frozen to death in a dumpster in Soulard.  Please keep the homeless and the NLEC team in your prayers.

Thank you for your faithful past support.  Please continue to pray for NLEC as we face unprecedented challenges in the future.  Again, I want to ask you to please join us January 20th for our 46th Anniversary Celebration.  At this Celebration, you will see how valuable your prayers and support are at this time.