Women In Need Centers

Everyone WINS when we help Women In Need.

The Bi-State Women’s Center will be a 24 hour women’s crisis center that women can come to or be sent to day or night to receive rest, security and emergency help.

Every night there are hundreds of women throughout the bi-state area who find themselves in crisis situations. Some are abuse victims. Others have just been released from the hospital, or have psychiatric problems.

Often rejected by family or friends these women in need have nowhere else to go.

The envisioned Women In Need centers will involve a 24 hour hot line that police, social workers, ministers or the women in need themselves can call day or night.

The WIN (Women in Need) centers will be an emergency room for hurting women. It will give them and their children a place to sleep, meals to eat and counseling by skilled case managers.

There are growing numbers of women in need. If left on the streets they can be raped, robbed and even murdered as they try to survive without assistance.

Continual cut backs in state and federal programs have created a crisis situation. The growing numbers of women in need dedicate that we must begin opening WIN centers immediately.

If you would like to help or need help please call (314) 421-3020 or donate below.