Clean Water Program

NLEC India provides the essential aid of providing clean drinking water.  Water is provided to poor villages by digging water wells, thereby combating high mortality rates in infants and children.  It also reduces illnesses by eliminating villagers’ dependence on nearby ponds for bathing and drinking water.

Many villages do not have access to clean drinking water.  They consume water from the same local ponds and rivers where villagers clean and water their animals, wash their clothes and drain storm and waste water.  This same water is being used for cooking, drinking and bathing.  This results in many children and adults being sick very often.  The village people suffer from various skin diseases as well.

Wells can be dug and outfitted with a hand pump for $500.  Many families have experienced the joy of sponsoring a well.

It is impossible to portray how important having a well and fresh water is for these families. There are thousands of people in these impoverished villages and slums of India who are now drinking and cooking with safe water, but there are many more still in need.

Make a difference in India!

India Water Well
If you would like to mail your donation for the purchase of a water well, please send it to:
NLEC India Sponsorship
PO Box 473
St. Louis Missouri  63166
Please write “Water Well” in the memo section of your donation.