NLEC is providing Help to our Veterans.

NLEC is providing Help to our Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that in Missouri there are presently 13,549 homeless veterans for which the VA is only able to provide 96 beds.  In Illinois the VA states there are 19,943 homeless veterans for which the VA supplies 158 beds.

Springfield, MO Center

In response to the growing number of homeless veterans in Missouri and under the Stuart McKinney-Vento Act, NLEC was granted the old Social Security Building at 806 N. Jefferson Ave, in Springfield in order to assist homeless veterans in Springfield and the surrounding areas.  In 2008, NLEC launched the Veterans Come Home Program.

Opportunities at 1411 Locust in St. Louis, MO

Homeless veterans with a DD-214 or VA medical card may apply for up to 90 days of transitional housing. Room and board provided. Evaluations every 30 days review budget, housing decisions, and whether member is staying clean and dependably showing up for shifts.

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If you would like to get involved with NLEC’s Veterans Program, you can call 1-800-228-5284.